Juliean Rockafella + Wishes - Added July 2, 2015

Rock links up Juliean Rockafella and introduces him to Wishes. It's wishes first time doing porn and Juliean breaks him in really good with his big ass dick. Wishes seems to have everything under control for a minute, but Juliean seems to be hanging in there with him. This may be Wishes first time doing porn, but this is far from his first time taking some dick. This is another hot scene that you will definitely get a nut off to because the ending is over the top, or should I say over the bottom.

Army and Freakzilla Diego - Added June 25, 2015

Army is chillin watchin TV till his boy Freakzilla comes by to chill with him. He gets the remote from Army and just start changing the channel. Army gets pissed and told Freakzilla that it was kinda rude of him and that he was watching his favorite show. Well apparently they both had something in mind that they wanted to do. Check this shit out. Army goes to work on Freakzillas dick and he lovin that shit. Freakzilla we know is a total freak so he even gets that nice ass of his eaten by Army while he strokes his dick. Well we all know whats gonna happen next donít we. Rockafellaz doing it again. Freakzilla bring out his gangsta in more ways than one.

Kevin Banks + Kristian Dawawan - Added June 18, 2015

Kevin is busy working on a paper for school tryin to focus when Kristian is doing nothing but bothering him. Kristian would much rather have some fun than watch TV while his boy sits on his computer. He gets Kevin's lips wrapped around his big black dick and has him work on something else as a little break. Kevin has such a tight pink hole Kristian can't help but spread those cheeks and shove his tongue in it. That definitely gets Kevin ready to climb on top and ride that shit. He squirms on Kristian and milks that big dick with his ass. Kristian pulls out and unleashes a huge nut all over that pretty tight hole then shoves his dick in for one last thrust.

Juliean Rockafella + Skye Rockafella - Added June 11, 2015

Juliean and Skye make it back from standing in a long ass line at the voting polls. Skye is over the fact that he got up early in the morning and when they got there the line was long as fuck, not to mention he has not smoked none that day. Juliean explains to Skye that is all for a good cause, I mean who would not want to vote for Obama. Juliean knows that Obama will be the next President of the United States. But Skye mentions that he was horny as fuck and donít want to fuck with Juliean though. Juliean has an idea on how to change his mind so he offers Skye a little something, after Skye thinks about it he decides to see what Juliean is working with. Apparently its more than enough and Skye is definitely feeling that shit. I wonder who that Rockafella voted for?

Conrad Carson + Erik Edmunds - Added June 4, 2015

Conrad and Erik meet up. They have been knowing each other for a while and been talking mad shit to each other about hooking up one day. Conrad didn't think that it would ever happen because Erik always had some excuse when it came time for them to meet up. Finally the day comes and Erik is ready get something freaky going on with Conrad. Conrad and Erik start off with a little kissing. These two clearly have some connection, cause that kiss was very intimate. So Erik asks Conrad whats up, but he already knows. Erik lays on the bed and the action begins with some fire dick sucking from Conrad. He pulls Eriks dick out with no hesitation. Erik is loving it and the way that dick is growing it shows. The vibe is there for sure, so they switch it up and Erik slurps Conrad up for a little. Check out the dick on these two. There going to be some hot bareback action no doubt. Lets see what happens.

Manny Baby + Remy Mars - Added May 28, 2015

Rockafellaz catches up with the one and only Remy Mars. Iím tellin you all, I was determined to work with Remy again and after a few emails and phone calls we agreed to meet up in Philly. It has been a long time since me and Remy have seen each other and it was definitely a pleasure working with him once mo. I remember asking Manny Baby, who we know is not a new face to Rockafellaz Entertainment, if he was interested in doing a scene with Remy Mars. He looked at me and was like ď Rock are you serious, hell yea I would do that!Ē So I hooked it up. Only with Rockafellaz will you see matches that have not been doneÖthe way we do it. RAW and UNCUT. This is a hot ass versatile shoot. Watch how Remy and Manny fuck each other down, slobbin on each other knobs. Iím telling you, I know how Remy do it and he do it good. Check this shit out.