Onyx + Spyder Man - Added June 23, 2016

Onyx in need for a good dick suckin, and Spyder Man is just his dude for that. After a wild oral session Onyx is ready to dick Spyder down raw. Hittin him with all he got til they're both ready to bust those nuts. Yea, they hella exhausted after that workout, but it was worth it all in the end to get this primo footage of two hot and horny brothas.

Extasy Baby + Maseo - Added June 17, 2016

Extasy and Maseo runnin into each otha in Chicago and all these dope ass brothas got in mind is some raw fuckin. Maseo lays down the law with that dick fa sure and Extasy gon take it all like the pro he is. Maseo is straight up gangsta and dont stop for nothin, man ya always get the hottest shit when brothas are doin it raw. Fuckin dicks are on hard and used to full effect! Maseo is just too damn ruthless in this one!

Jay Jaxon + KC Long - Added June 9, 2016

Two hot newcomers, both adult video virgins, all these freaks been doin before were some hot ass home videos and now they're ready to show the world what they can do. Jay rips KC's pants right off cuz he's hungry as fuck for some of that thug dick. It only takes KC a second to get turned on and his dick is growing to magnificent proportions. He's ready to fuck, but Jay just can't stop suckin that dick, so he's gotta push that fool off him to start eatin that ass. He lubes it all up with his tongue til it can't get no wetter and is ready for his monster piece. Jay must be used to big dicks like this cuz KC slips right into that tight lil hole and in no time Jay is bouncing up and down taking in every inch. When KC is ready to bust it's unbelievable, a ginourmous sloppy nut all over Jay's asshole who begs for KC to fuck him some more so he can nut too feelin that big dick in him!

Hoody LaVaye + Kentrell Kash 2 - Added June 2, 2016

Hoody LaVaye and Kentrell Kash are chilling discussing their last weekend in Miami. Hoody is horny as fuck so he unzips his jeans and suggests that Kentrell help him out. Kentrell drops trou too and Hoody starts suckin him off. Kentrell gets Hoody on his stomach and starts to eat out his tight ass. With it wet and juicy there's no stopping Kentrell from tapping it raw. He shoves his fat dick in and gives Hoody a nice ride. Kentrell fucks this brotha real hard, slapping his nuts up on his ass and making him moan for more. Hoody takes charge and climbs on top to grind his hips down onto that dick and Kentrell can't hold back any longer. He pulls out and busts a huge nut all over Hoody's back. Hoody follows up by busting his all over his chest. Not a bad way to spend your last week in Miami.

Chase Carter + Chris White - Added May 26, 2016

Chris White is lookin for some green and spots Chase on the street. He asks if he's got any but it's back at Chase's crib. Well they go and kick it but Chris doesn't have enough money. Well ain't nothin free, so Chase offers up a big fat thug dick to work on. Chris starts slurpin on dat shit and befo long he's on all four with Chase fuckin him senseless. He drills that skinny tattooed ass and damn it's tight. Chris is squirming and beggin for it slow yelling out Chases name but Chase has a nut to get and he doesn't stop til he empties it all over dat ass.

Damien Dickenson + Koriss - Added May 19, 2016

Damien was doing some painting when Koriss came in to check up on his work. Koriss was pretty impressed with the work but pointed out that he missed a spot, then dropped trou! Damien went right to licking dat hot ass then bent Koriss over and dicked him down real good. Koriss was lovin that pipe and Damien showed him just how thorough of a job he likes to do. This is a sweaty fuckfest you dont wanna miss and Damien makes sure to empty a huge nut in Koriss mouth.