Hotrod + Kuntry Bwoi + Triple C - Added May 21, 2015

Kuntry Bwoi and Triple C meets up in D.C. with me. Kuntry Bwoi tells me how much of a good ass eater he is and that he is better than me. Well I don't know about all that, I been doing this for quite some time. But hey, I don't knock anyone that says that they have the skills to eat ass good. Go for what you know. But we all know wassup right lol. Triple C is a new cummer as well. He comes off as the type that has two sides. He has an innocent side to him in addition to that lil touch of fem. Its cool though because he doesn't over do it. I say that because once him and Kuntry started going that boy came right on around and he adjusted quick. Then when Hotrod jumped in the scene, that boys ass was so tight. Once again he adjusted and he was loving it but the cum shot took me over .

Dewayne King + Drummer Boi + Travis Davis - Added May 14, 2015

Drummer Boi, Dewayne King and Travis Davis are in class working on a discussion together that they were instructed to work on by the teacher. Drummer Boi tries to get Travis focus on school work but Travis decides to be rude and ignore him. Dewayne comes up with a good idea and something he hasn't done, which was fuck Drummer and Travis. Drummer Boi liked the sound of that so he starts it all off by kneeling down and sucking on Travis and Dewayne's dicks. Once they're wet and hard it's time to work on the asses so they take turns rimming each other. They all take turns fucking and sucking each other. They really take it out on Travis for being such a rude boy and he get stuffed from both sides. Travis ends up getting a huge facial when both Drummer and Dewayne unload on him. Drummer is so worked up from all the fuckin that he actually jerks out a second load. That's how hot this threesome is, damn!

Kevin Banks + Knowledge - Added May 7, 2015

Knowledge came in from a long night out partying and crashed in his hotel room. Apparently he forgot that he had given Kevin a key to stop by because they talked about getting up for a little freak session. Kevin comes by to find Knowledge in the bed and knocked out. Kevin wakes up and and asked him what happened to the phone call letting him know to come by. Knowledge had no clue as to what Kevin was talking about. Kevin lets Knowledge know he didn't care about all that he was ready for the dick and was going to make sure that Knowledge gave it to him. Kevin starts out by sucking on the dick and getting Knowledge good and ready to smash his pretty white boy hole. Before he does that Knowledge wanted to give that ass a taste. So he gets Kevin bent over and sucks on his hole. Then its time, he gives Kevin that dick he's been longing for. Stroke after stoke, Kevin takes the dick and enjoys it. Its no doubt that Kevin was ready for whatever Knowledge had to offer. Watch at the end how that hot load that takes from Knowledge and then gives in return.

Jay Daniels + Reeko Dunn - Added April 30, 2015

Jay Daniels and Reeko Dunn meet out in the hot streets of Miami. Jay was trying to figure out what the hell Reeko country ass was doing in Miami. Reeko told Jay that it was nothing wrong with a Alabama boy being in the Miami heat. But Reeko was really trying to get into some action while he was in town. Jay was not against it at all. Reeko told Jay that he wanted to get something going and Jay was down for it. They go back inside and Reeko comes of a little shy, but it doesn't take either one of them long to get the picture of what they both wanted to do. Jay helps Reeko getting that dick out his pants and puts that mouth to work on Reeko dick. Some good head action and then Reeko gets to taste some of Jay too. Theres no stopping whats going to happen next. Jay lets Reeko know thats he craving a good dick down and Reeko, well lets just say that he's a good listener.

Chase Carter + Marion Mathis 2 - Added April 23, 2015

Chase was in Chicago doing some job hunting since being fired from the Miami Police department for conducting unbecoming of an officer. While headed back to his hotel room, he runs into one of his long time friends Marion Mathis. Marion was surpirsed to see him and wanted to know what he was doing in Chi town. Chase explained to him everything that happened with the suspect that he arrested. Marion was pretty shocked to see that Chase would risk his job for a piece of ass. Chase tells Marion that he's going back to his hotel room and wanted to know if he would like to come and hang out. Marion heads back to the room with Chase, but already know what Chase wants. Soon as they get into the room, Marion gets Chase down on the bed, letting him know to stop actin all brand new and like he didn't want to fuck around. Marion pulls Chase dick out to get things popping. Chase isn't fighting it though nor was he trying to resist. Marion's gets to taste the dick and Chase gets to taste and feel Marion fat juicy ass. Chase and Marion both get a hot cumshot out of this one.

Daemon Kash & Hoody LaVaye - Added April 16, 2015

First time for everything. This was Hoody very first shoot that he did for Rockafellaz. Aside from his solo, he was also very anxious and looking forward to doing a scene with another person. Dameon Kash was also new to the scene and had already done a solo. So once these two found out they would be paired up, the friction was definitely building. Now the way it was going to go down was they were going to meet and talk, have a few drinks. But things kinda went in a another direction. Good thing I had packed the camera, I wasn't even planning on filming them this day, but I couldn't loose this session, I had a feeling it was going to be a good one. All the dick sucking and ass eating in this one. Hoody wasn't ashamed to really get into Daemon in more ways than one. Check these two out and there is even a hot little amateur feel to the filming as well. First time I did this filming on the fly. But it was worth it.