Marion Mathis + Quake - Added February 4, 2016

Quake starts off getting some good head from Marion Mathis. These two sexy guys seem to be up to something good. Marion is really getting into how good Quakes dick taste in mouth. Quake is just enjoying the warmth of Marion mouth and tongue on his dick. Marion has a pretty tasty looking ass and Quake gets a taste of that, sliding his tongue Marion pretty hole before he slides his big dick inside of Marion. The ass feels so good, Quake is doing everything he can to keep from busting a nut.

D Stacks + Toonez - Added January 28, 2016

D Stacks and Toonez comes in after a long night during MLK Weekend in Atlanta. D-Stacks was hanging out with some friends and Toonez had to dance at another club. Toonez suspect that D-Stacks was probably fucking around with some thot at the club. D-Stacks says that he is innocent and was not doing anything but chilling with his friends. Toonez wants his to prove it by giving him some dick. D-Stacks has no problem laying it down to get Toonez to get off his case.

Day Day + Hoody LaVaye - Added January 21, 2016

Hoody was busy doing schoolwork when his boy Day Day starts hitting him up horny as fuck. Hoody wants to finish his shit first but Day Day isn't havin any of that. When his dick is hard he expects his boy to take care of it. He brings his big ass dick over and whips it out in front of Hoody and Hoody can't help but kneel and suck on the thing. Day Day has to get a taste of that ass before he stuffs it so he buries his face and gets it nice and wet for a raw fuck. He pounds Hoody so hard all you can hear is him screaming Day Day's name. Day Day busts his nut all over Hoody's face and lets him finish his school work.

Antonio Rashad + Jason Wolfe - Added January 14, 2016

Antonio Rashad comes and does his first scene with a newbie, Jason Wolfe for Mixitupboy. When speaking with Antonio before, he mentioned how he was really looking forward to doing other scenes with the other models and being able to be seen on the other sites as well. Jason on the other hand is just getting in to the game. One thing we know is that he was really excited. Jason comes off a little quiet and shy at first, but he opens up a little after a few good strokes.

Antonio Rashad + Leon Holt - Added January 7, 2016

Antonio Rashad and Leon Holt meet up for the first time. This is Antonios second shoot. He's getting the hang of performing on cam with other people and with all the lights. This time he is on the giving end of things. Rock sets up with his first topping scene and a chance to film while he's fucking. POV is whats its also known as, but this is something new to Leon. Rock steps out and lets them get to it. Lets sit back and see how these two freaks get down. Leon sucks Antonios dick and Antonio sucks Leons Dick. Antonio eats Leons ass and then fucks him. He busts a nut on Leon and Leon busts a nut on himself.

Daniel Thompson + Trey Donovan 2 - Added December 31, 2015

Trey is finally able to get some rest and Daniel walks in after a nice hot shower and decides to get Treys attention. Daniel starts sucking on Treys dick to see if he can wake up something else besides Trey. Daniels skills at giving head seems to be doing the job though and Trey wakes up wondering why Daniel is sucking his dick while he is trying to rest. He doesn't push him away though. He gets him ready for what he has been waiting for and Daniel is about to get a rude awakening.