Chase Carter + Chris White - Added May 26, 2016

Chris White is lookin for some green and spots Chase on the street. He asks if he's got any but it's back at Chase's crib. Well they go and kick it but Chris doesn't have enough money. Well ain't nothin free, so Chase offers up a big fat thug dick to work on. Chris starts slurpin on dat shit and befo long he's on all four with Chase fuckin him senseless. He drills that skinny tattooed ass and damn it's tight. Chris is squirming and beggin for it slow yelling out Chases name but Chase has a nut to get and he doesn't stop til he empties it all over dat ass.

Damien Dickenson + Koriss - Added May 19, 2016

Damien was doing some painting when Koriss came in to check up on his work. Koriss was pretty impressed with the work but pointed out that he missed a spot, then dropped trou! Damien went right to licking dat hot ass then bent Koriss over and dicked him down real good. Koriss was lovin that pipe and Damien showed him just how thorough of a job he likes to do. This is a sweaty fuckfest you dont wanna miss and Damien makes sure to empty a huge nut in Koriss mouth.

Alonzoe Avery + Manny Baby - Added May 12, 2016

Manny and Alonzoe are sleep, but Alonzoe wakes up with some morning wood. So he rolls over and starts waking Manny up. Doesn't seem like Manny is wanting to get up, but Alonzoe knows how to change his mind. He starts rubbing that dick against Manny and before you know it BAM! Manny isn't going to turn down no dick, so he does what he do best. Manny sucks up Alonzoes dick and it brick instantly. Manny continues to slob and slurp that big meant while Alonzoe plays with his hole, teasing Manny and wanting him to crave the dick more. Alonzoe eats Mannys ass and Manny tells Alonzoe to give him that dick. Alonzoe, does just that and gives it to him good. But we know Manny likes to give just the same as taking it. He bends Alonzoe over and throws that dick to him like the pro that he is. Alonzoe cant resist the feeling of Mannys stroke game. Its that good. Alonzoe gets Manny in that good doggystyle and jacks his dick till he cums on Manny hole. Then pushes the nut inside Manny Ass.

Kydezion + Tezjork - Added May 5, 2016

Tezjork is out cold on the Bed after a long hard day of being around some sexy hot boys in Miami during Miami Beach Pride weekend. After he falls asleep, he goes into a deep deep sexual part of his mind beyond fantasies. Suddenly a mystery man appears and begins suggin on Tezjork big dick. Could it be that Tezjork was thinking about back in the days when he was in the cocodorm? What would make him fall into such a state where he's dreaming about having his dick sucked. The mystery Man (Kydzeion) sucks the hell out of Tezjork dick just to get him started. When Tezjork comes to and see this, he is a little shocked and doest know how to register whats happening, but he does know one thing, he's liking how it feels.

Byron Strong + Milo Bryson - Added April 28, 2016

Sit down talk with New models Byron Strong and Milo Bryson. This is there first time working together and Bryson is ready. This sexy light skin told us that he has been wanting to get into the industry for a while and figured that now was the right time. Well, he was right about that. Which is why he was paired up with this big dick youngin, Byron Strong. Lets check them out and see what happens.

Tezjork + Toonez - Added April 21, 2016

Tezjork and Toonez meet up and Miami and have been talking about being able to work together soon and doing a scene. Tezjork told Toonez about the shoot that he had with Kydzeion and that it was his first scene since coming out of retirement. Toonez figured that he might as well jump on the bandwagon and be the next person that Tezjork gets down with, so he offered to make it happen. They get back to the room and Tezjork starts off by shoving is big dick in Toonez mouth. Seems like it was not expected but Toonez takes a deep breather and goes for it again. Toonez has a nice as though and Tezjork can peep that. Before he dives in though, he wanted to get a little taste. Oh yea, veteran and a newbie. We know how this is going to go and if you don't well you need to pay close attention.