Kristian Dawawan + Rock Rockafella - Added January 22, 2015

Rock and Kristian meet up in St. Louis for the holidays. Kristian finally sits down with Rock and demands that they do a little something for the fans because some have been asking him when he and Rock would do a shoot together. I guess you could say this is part 1 of 2. Rock doesn't waist anytime of pulling that big country dick out to fill Kristian mouth with. Kristian is no stranger to the dick, so he goes for it. This is a pretty good scene for these two, especially to be a POV (Point of View) shoot by Rock. Some hot oral action by Kristian and then him taking Rocks dick......All I have to say is you gotta at least check it out. Hot cumshot too.

Kristian Dawawan, Unique One + Nyja Davinci - Added January 15, 2015

Kristian and Unique are out checking out some of the graffiti in the area and admiring the art of it all. Nyja later comes and is trying to see what they are up to. They all decided to go back to their place to hang out and chill. Nyja breaks out a porn coming book and it seems to get Kristians hormones into gear. He's the first to start taking his clothes off. Before you know it Kristian and Nyja are kissing and Unique joins in the action as well. Kristian gets down and starts giving both Unique and Nyja some oral action and then gets that pretty ass eaten. We know what is to follow next and that sound good fuckin. Kristian sucks Uniques dick while taking Nyja dick and does it like a pro. He takes these two on like it was nothing. Unique and Nyja switch up so Unique can get some of the ass action. He fucks Kristian long and hard till Kristian busts a hot fat load all on his stomach. This one ends hot, so check it out to see where the next two loads gets dumped.

Raw Orgy - Added January 8, 2015

Its about to get real! All these sexy dudes in one bed. To top it off there are a lot of familiar faces in this joint. Manny Baby, Travis Davis, Drummer Boi, Saint D and some. They all waist no time in either putting their dick or ass in someones mouth. Theres even a little toy play action going on in this bitch. Now this is how a fuck fest goes down. No hole goes untouched in this one...mouth or ass. Wonder where all the nut is gonna go though......

5 Man Orgy - Added January 1, 2015

Orgies are always a favorite. All these hot sexy boys in one room, in one bed. Saint D, Prince DJ, Darius Evans, Marcus Cooper and Criss Coxxx. So many big dicks and asses ready for the take down. Marcus Cooper steps up takes the dick in his mouth and in his ass. Criss Coxxx, a new cummer shows off a little of his skills too. All these hot bodies and dicks everywhere can only end in a good way. Come check these boys out and find out how they bring it to a happy ending.

Fiji + Staxx - Added December 25, 2014

Staxx and Fiji meet up, trying to make some plans about what club they are going to be hitting up over the weekend. Staxx is wanting to do a little bit more than jus make plans to go to a club. Fiji offers to show Staxx his new jock strap. Staxx likes what he see and wants to see and do more. Fiji doesn't hesitate to getting that dick down his throat and Staxx has no objections. Fiji shows that this isn't his first time at the rodeo and to show Staxx that he better get ready for the ride of his life. Fiji sucks and slobs all over Staxx dick and shows that he's got that good deep throat action. Check out how Fiji takes the dick and creams all over it. His ass is so wet and Staxx is doing his best not to cum too fast. Will he be able to hold it? Lets find out.

Taethedoug Xmas - Added December 18, 2014

Check out TaetheDoug in this hot and sexy Christmas Solo. Enjoy all the presents thats going to be opened and even the little surprise thats inside. Wouldn't you want to wake up with him under your Christmas Tree? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.