Daemon Kash & Hoody LaVaye - Added April 16, 2015

First time for everything. This was Hoody very first shoot that he did for Rockafellaz. Aside from his solo, he was also very anxious and looking forward to doing a scene with another person. Dameon Kash was also new to the scene and had already done a solo. So once these two found out they would be paired up, the friction was definitely building. Now the way it was going to go down was they were going to meet and talk, have a few drinks. But things kinda went in a another direction. Good thing I had packed the camera, I wasn't even planning on filming them this day, but I couldn't loose this session, I had a feeling it was going to be a good one. All the dick sucking and ass eating in this one. Hoody wasn't ashamed to really get into Daemon in more ways than one. Check these two out and there is even a hot little amateur feel to the filming as well. First time I did this filming on the fly. But it was worth it.

Protege + Rock - Added April 9, 2015

Protege was contacted by a rental company to come in and do some work on a place that was being purchased by Rock of The Rockafellaz. He was contacted by Rica one of the managers of the property. Once he gets there no one is there to meet him. He calls and leaves Rica a message to let him know that he will not be waiting long. While he sits there and waits and waits he calls one of his boys. Then he gets bored and does the unthinkable. He pulls out his dick and starts jackin off and playing with his dick. Then he starts day dreaming. Day dreaming about sucking on a big black dick and gettin pounded till he cums. Check this one out. This one is made so you can pretend you are the one fuckin. Picture yourself as the top and let it all go from there. Stroke yo dick and say the things you would say while fucking this porn Protege.

DeVaunte Katoure & Hoody LaVaye - Added April 2, 2015

Everyone was chillin during MLK weekend and this was Hoodys first time attending. Rock wanted to make sure that since it was his first time in ATL that he had a good time while he was in town for the festivities. DeVaunte Katoure, who has been seen before in videos dropped by and decided to hang out. Rock mentioned that since they were both set to do shoot, that they should do the scene with each other. Well no one objected to that. Hoody got down to his sexy underwear and so did DeVaunte. They were laying down and talking to Rock and before you know it Hoody got a woody. Didn't want to delay this any longer. DeVaunte pulled down Hoodys underwear and revealed the brick dick and started sucking it down. Hoody started to move and wiggle because he didn't know the head was going to be that good. Hoody waisted no time and flipping DeVaunte over though and getting a taste of that ass. The anticipation finally ends because DeVaunte is ready for some dick. He mounts Hoody like pro and starts off taking the dick real slow. We know that they wanted because Hoodys toes curl and DeVaunte ass was getting so wet. Gotta watch to find out how this goes.

London D + Rock - Added March 26, 2015

I get up with London and we have a little sit down talk to give you all a chance to find out a little about my baby. I know that everyone has been asking when me and London will do something for Raw Rods. Well this will be part one of 2. I think this will be the teaser and then we have something else in store for all of you. So I hope you enjoy this scene that we put together for you all and thanks for the support and the comments.

Chy Kyd & Marcus Majore - Added March 19, 2015

Chy Kyd is back and about to work it out with another model that goes by the name of Marcus Majore. This dark chocolate brother came on board and was ready to give Chy Kyd the dick down that he needed. We all have seen Chy Kyd take some dick, but Marcus was a nice sized and well hung dude that looked like he knew what the fuck he was about to get into. Chy Kyd started of thinking he had everything under control. But once that dick got inside him, it all changed.

Chase Carter + Marion Mathis - Added March 12, 2015

Chase and Marion meet up at the studio for a photoshoot together. All dressed up and ready to go. Well the photographer has to step out for a little and has the two models wait and chill till he gets back. Well, while Chase and Marion waits, Chase comes up with the idea to try and get a little fuck session in real quick before the photographer comes back. Marion thinks about it and doesn't want to get caught and get in trouble. But he eventually gives in for something quick. Check out this this hot scene with Chase Carter and new model Marion Mathis.