Dustin Pope + Marco Ashton - Added August 22, 2014

Dustin Pope and Marco Ashton discuss a fight that Marco had with Travis during lunch. Dustin is still surprised that Marco snapped out. Marco decides to take Dustin's mind off the fight but giving him some ass during class. He starts by sucking Dustin off on the teachers deck until he's rock hard. Dustin bends him over and eats out his ass. When it's nice and wet he slips a finger in to make sure it's ready for a good fucking. He puts Marco on all fours and mounts his ass for a ride. He fucks him raw and deep until Marco can't help but scream and moan. Dustin busts balls deep in that ass and Marco pushes that nut out. Marco finishes on Dustin's face and they call it a day.

Dewayne King + Drummer Boi + Dustin Pope + Keior Sanders + Marco Ashton + Travis Davis - Added August 15, 2014

Drummer Boi, Travis Davis, Dewayne King, Dustin Pope, Keior Sanders and Marco Ashton are all in class and discussing the day's topic. Everyone gets pretty bored and is horny as fuck so they all drop trou and get to it. Dicks start gettin sucked and asses eaten out as this big ass raw orgy gets going. The bottoms get on all fours and the tops all take turns fucking them deep and hard. Nobody is left out in this fuck session. Travis and Marco lay down and get everyone's load dumped all over their face before class is dismissed for the day.

Leon Holt + TaetheDoug - Added August 8, 2014

TaetheDoug, Daniel Thompson and Leon Holt are in class chillin. It's Tae's first day in class and he has no clue as to what he is in for. Leon gives him a few tips on what the school is about. Daniel suggests that they do a little more and leaves them in class alone. Leon starts out sucking Tae big dick. Tae eats Leon ass then spreads his cheeks and starts to fuck him. He bends Leon over a chair and drills that ass until Leon is moaning and screaming. Tae sits down and has Leon ride him too. Tae busts his nut all on Leons face and in his mouth while Leon jacks and busts a nut on his own stomach. You can tell Tae is really gonna fit in at this school.

Arman Woodson + Malcome Tanner - Added August 1, 2014

Malcome Tanner is a new kid at the Cocodorm University. Arman Woodson tells him the real deal about the school and decides to give him a quick tutorial on how things work. Arman starts by unzipping Malcome and sucking on his dick for a while. Malcome gets the idea and returns the favor for Arman then bends him over and eats his ass out. He slips his dick in that wet hole and starts to pound it out. Arman takes it like the school veteran he is and shows Malcome how it's done. They both bust all over Arman just in time for class to be over.

Dewayne King + Marco Ashton - Added July 25, 2014

Marco Ashton and Dewayne King sit in on their last class of Algebra 102 for the semester. The substitute, Mr. Pope comes in to explain what the days assignment is about. After he leaves Dewayne tells Marco that he doesn't understand how to do the equations. He asks Marco to come over and show him how to do it along with a few other things. Dewayne pulls his dick out and has Marco suck on it then puts Marco up against the wall and starts to fuck his ass deep and rough. He taps that shit until he's ready to bust and shoots his nut all over Marco's face. Marco empties his nut all over his stomach and they call it a day.

Leon Holt + TygaX2 - Added July 18, 2014

TygaX and Leon Holt are shooting the shit in class, studying for their upcoming Sexual Intercourse exam. TygaX figures he would learn a lot more practicing instead of reading so he asks Leon if he's down to help and of course he is. He starts sucking on Tyga's fat dick and gets it rock hard. Tyga is craving that ass and he leans Leon over on the lockers and starts licking Leon's tight hole. Tyga slips his wet dick in bare and gives Leon a good ride. Tyga pulls out just in time to bust all over Leon's face, feeling very confident that he's gonna ace that test now.