Daniel Thompson + Trey Donovan 2 - Added August 25, 2016

Trey is finally able to get some rest and Daniel walks in after a nice hot shower and decides to get Treys attention. Daniel starts sucking on Treys dick to see if he can wake up something else besides Trey. Daniels skills at giving head seems to be doing the job though and Trey wakes up wondering why Daniel is sucking his dick while he is trying to rest. He doesn't push him away though. He gets him ready for what he has been waiting for and Daniel is about to get a rude awakening.

Golden Chyld + Sean Young - Added August 18, 2016

Sean Young is knocked out sleeping after a long day and Golden Chyld sits up and stares him down craving to see whats going on in them shorts. He gets up and goes to Seans bed and starts rubbing on his dick through his shorts then pulls Seans dick out and starts sucking on it. Sean wakes up and doesn't seem to object to the invasion of his privacy or having his sleep disturbed. Golden goes to work slurping that dick up of the sexy caramel dude. Sean comes around after showing his excitement and eats a little booty before he gets his dick settled in Golden Chyld ass. This is going to be good.

Holliwud Zane + Rock Rockafella - Added August 11, 2016

Rock and Holliwud Zane meet up for the first time to work together. Its been all talk between the two for a few weeks about exactly how everything would go. Rock walks in to meet with Holliwud in Chicago downtown, but he might have caught him at a bad time. Howlliwud is playing with his dick while checking out some porn on his phone. Rock is intrigued by the show Holliwud is putting on, but Holliwud is waiting on Rock to stop playing around and get with the program. This should be interesting.

Extasy Baby + TaetheDoug - Added August 4, 2016

Tae and Extasy get back to Taes crib after a day out chilling with their friends. Extasy had been talking shit about being good at sucking dick and throwing that ass back. Tae was interested in finding out exactly how good the ass was. Extasy didn't waist anytime and he gets the session started. The head game seems to be on point from Extasy Baby and Tae shows he's just as good when it comes to tongue lashing that ass of Extasy's. Tune in and see what happens when these two really get down to it.

Golden Chyld + Rock Rockafella - Added July 28, 2016

Rock heads over to pick up Golden Chyld so they can go and hangout with some friends for the evening in Chicago. Rock gets to the door, and it appears that Golden Chyld is no where near ready, to go out at least but he is definitely ready for something else. Rock tells Golden that he's not there for that and they really need to get going but Golden Chyld is persistent and wants the dick regardless. So Rock sees that Golden Chyld is obviously hungry and he will not be able to leave unless he gives Golden Chyld what he wants. So Rock pulls out his dick and lets Golden Chyld do his thing.

Fiji + Staxx - Added July 21, 2016

Staxx and Fiji meet up, trying to make some plans about what club they are going to be hitting up over the weekend. Staxx is wanting to do a little bit more than jus make plans to go to a club. Fiji offers to show Staxx his new jock strap. Staxx likes what he see and wants to see and do more. Fiji doesn't hesitate to getting that dick down his throat and Staxx has no objections. Fiji shows that this isn't his first time at the rodeo and to show Staxx that he better get ready for the ride of his life. Fiji sucks and slobs all over Staxx dick and shows that he's got that good deep throat action. Check out how Fiji takes the dick and creams all over it. His ass is so wet and Staxx is doing his best not to cum too fast. Will he be able to hold it? Lets find out.