Assassin + Staxx - Added October 20, 2016

Staxx and Assassin are talking about the club that they were checking out the night before. Assassin is an exotic dancer and Staxx is really wanting to feel those skills first hand. He asks Staxx if he is game for a one on one demonstration of his skills and Assassin is more than game. Assassin starts sucking on Staxx's big dick then bends over and gets his ass eaten out. That gets Staxx in the mood to fuck so when that ass is nice and wet he slips his dick in to get it. He has Assassin ride his dick, bends him over on all fours, taps it from behind and hits all the angles. He busts his nut all over Assassins' face while Assassin unloads on his stomach.

Hoody LaVaye + Jeno Hunter - Added October 13, 2016

Jeno and Hoody meet up for the first time in St. Louis. After a brief introduction Jeno is ready to give Hoody a taste of some well experience booty. No doubt that they both are into it as they jump into that 69 position. Jeno sucking Hoody and hoody sucking Jeno. This is starting off pretty hot. Hoody gets Jeno on his back so he can get a taste of that ass. Jeno grinds his ass around a little and jacks his dick while Hoody works his tongue on Jeno's hole. After a good long ass eating session, Jeno is ready for some dick. Hoody wastes no time and gets it in. He can't believe how good Jenos ass feel. Nice, warm and tight jus like he likes it. Jeno ain't playing with Hoody either, because he is throwing back and given Hoody a little work out. The dick and ass game in this one is hot for sure. We haven't seen Jeno in a minute, this was something that was good to see him in and taking dick from Hoody LaVaye. Check out the money shot in this one.

JD Blackstone + Leo Rockafella - Added October 6, 2016

Leo is chillin at home in bed and JD comes in from a long hard day at work. Trust me it was a long hard day. JD tries not to wake up Leo and goes and take a long hot shower. When he finishes his shower and tries to lay in the bed with out waking up Leo, itís too late. Leo wakes up and wanted to know how JDs day was. JD lets him know just how his day went. After hearing that Leo isnít feeling that too much. But heís a Rockafella and knows exactly how to deal with it though. Leo lets JD know right up front whatís going to happen and there will be no objections.

Daemon Kash + Quake - Added September 29, 2016

Daemon Kash aka Daemon Rockafella has returned. One of the original Rockafella models decided that he wants to jump back in the scene. It has been a long time since we have seen this sexy dark chocolate specimen on the camera. Rock welcomes Daemon back with another hottie, Quake. Quake has been really showing out for the camera lately and it has been pretty hot to watch as well. As these two are introduced, Rock just lets them jump right into action and man, it shows that the chemistry is on point with these two. Dameon gets down and eats Quakes did right on up. Quake cant believe how good the head is from Dameon. This island hottie just knows what to do and Quake is about to get the ride or fuck of his life.

Kemancheo + Mr. Phat Lipps 3 - Added September 22, 2016

Mr Phat Lipps hits up Dr Kemancheo because he heard about an underground procedure that would make his ass bigger. Kemancheo starts to explain how it works but once Phat drops trou for an examination Kemancheo can't take his eyes off of his ass. He bends down to get a taste and puts his tongue so far up Phat's hole that he can't help but moan and squirm. They take turn sucking each others huge dicks and Kemancheo gets so turned on he gets freaky with some foot action too, licking Phat's toes and jerking his dick off with his feet. Kemancheo gives Phat a real good bareback ride and Phat just leans back into that shit like a pro. Phat unleashes a giant load all over his tight 6-pack and Kemancheo leans down and licks it ALL up! They snowball for a little while and Kemancheo empties his nuts too, covering Phat's dick with cum.

Brandon Smith + Golden Chyld - Added September 15, 2016

Brandon makes a call to a friend of his inquiring about someone that does massages. He said that he has a had a very long week and really needed to relieve some stress. his homeboy hooked up with Golden Chyld. After Brandon got in from work and took a nice hot shower, he gave Golden Chyld a call and set up an appointment. After Golden Chyld finished with an awesome massage, Brandon asked if there was more. Golden told him he was only there for one thing and anything else would be extra. As horny Brandon he was really wanting something more than a massage to happen since Golden was looking like the type to be more than willing to take his big ass dick. Golden grabbed Brandons dick and started slurping it right on up. That dick just kept getting longer and longer. Amazed at the size, Golden took a look and admired it and then went back to work. Brandon was getting his moneys worth one way or another.