Diego Sanchez + Romeo St. James - Added November 26, 2015

Romeo and Diego are just chillin at the crib and doing some laundry. Romeo catches Diego having some trouble figuring out the dryer. Diego gets frustrated and can't figure that shit out but he tells Romeo that he's good at other things. He kneels down and starts sucking on Romeos huge dick and starts to get real hungry to have it up his ass. Romeo spreads Diego's legs and eats his ass out to get it nice and wet. Once Romeo starts fucking it Diego doesn't want this brotha to take it out. He buries Romeo's piece and milks that shit with his tight ass. Romeo is loving it so much he almost nuts up in Diego but pulls out just in time to cover him with his load.

Daniel Thompson + Trey Donovan - Added November 19, 2015

Leon Holt + Rahim Stokes - Added November 12, 2015

Leon is housing sitting for his homeboy Trey. He decided to invite his freak boy Rahim over for a little play time. Rahim walks in and was wondering what was really going on with Leon and Trey but Leon told him it was nothing like that and he was just helping a friend out. But Leon wanted all that bullshit set aside and to get things popping with Rahim. Looks like Rahim was thinking the same thing because he didn't hesitate on grabbing on Leons dick. Leon pulls that big piece of uncut meat out and Rahim goes down on it. It gets better though because Rahim is packing some serious uncut beef as well. Well we will see how this two pair up.

Byron Strong + Xerxes - Added November 5, 2015

Xerxes is a new model that jumped on board and was paired up with Byron Strong. Xerxes is a sexy dude from Texas and wanted to give working in the industry. What a way to start off and being broken in than by a big dick. Not to mention, Xerxes said that it has been a while since he has been fucked. After a little getting to know you conversation, these two get things started.

Byron Strong + Jordy Kage - Added October 29, 2015

First timer from Houston, Jordy Kage joins the team. He started off a little nervous, but its normal for people who are starting the first time. But Jordy makes it clear that this is something that he has been wanting to do for a while. Byron was really excited to work with Jordy once he saw how fat that ass was. We get started and there is a slight twist. Byron starts off sucking some dick and Jordy gets hard as fuck with the quickness. Before you know it, Jordy starts sucking up Byron and he waist no time in getting his dick brick either. Oh this is another good one with this young hottie Byron and newbie Jordy. Check it out.

Byron Strong + Milo Bryson - Added October 22, 2015

Sit down talk with New models Byron Strong and Milo Bryson. This is there first time working together and Bryson is ready. This sexy light skin told us that he has been wanting to get into the industry for a while and figured that now was the right time. Well, he was right about that. Which is why he was paired up with this big dick youngin, Byron Strong. Lets check them out and see what happens.