JD Blackstone + Leo Rockafella - Added August 27, 2015

Leo is chillin at home in bed and JD comes in from a long hard day at work. Trust me it was a long hard day. JD tries not to wake up Leo and goes and take a long hot shower. When he finishes his shower and tries to lay in the bed with out waking up Leo, itís too late. Leo wakes up and wanted to know how JDs day was. JD lets him know just how his day went. After hearing that Leo isnít feeling that too much. But heís a Rockafella and knows exactly how to deal with it though. Leo lets JD know right up front whatís going to happen and there will be no objections.

Cortez Mercury + Rica Zaiciah - Added August 20, 2015

These two hotties get up for a real meet and greet in St. Louis with me. Rica from the Chi town and Cortez Mercury from the Lou sat up and gave us a hot little show. You can still tell that Cortez is new because he was still kind of nervous, which was normal and ok, but that wasn't going to stop him from getting down on that dick and it definitely wasn't going to stop Rica from getting in that ass and finally bustin a hot load.

JD Blackstone + Skye Rockafella - Added August 13, 2015

Skye calls up JD because he us horny as fuck and needs some gangsta loving. JD is at work tellin Skye that he cant leave. Skye decides that the only way he is goin to get any pleasure is to please himself and while he is jackin his dick he dozes off. While Skye is sleepin he cant help but think about JD and I guess he is thinking about him more than we know. Skyes dream has come true. He get the dick and as just as he wanted. Skyes dream ends the way he wanted, too bad that shit wasnít real, or was it?

Juliean Rockafella + Spyder Man - Added August 6, 2015

This is Juliean's and Spyder's first time meeting up, well at least in front of the camera. Im not saying that they have fucked before this shoot but it almost happened. But I thought it would be better to catch their first time fuckin on film and not to mention it would be hot as fuck. This shoot was intense because Spyder was not sure if he was going to be able to take on the big ass dick of Juliean. Well as you can see, the mouth had no problem. He sucks that dick like itís the last one. Unlike most I have seen, this freak just donít get tired of doin it. When Juliean gives him the dick, he kinda runs from it in the beginning, then he just throws it back. Another hot scene from the Gangstas of Porn.

Pierre Varrios + Rock - Added July 30, 2015

I met Pierre Varrios on the streets of downtown Manhattan. Pierre told me that he enjoyed my work and that he wanted to get into the porn business. Or was it he just wanted me to fuck him, who caresÖ I took him back to his hotel room for an interview, if thatís what you want to call it. After a few questions I make it clear what else he needs to know before considering him to be a model. Pierre starts off sucking on my country dick. I started feeding it to him, shoving it in his mouth and sometimes Pierre gags a little. You can almost see the water come to his eyes. I couldnít wait no longer. I had to feel this niggas ass. I know he wanted it because what you did not know was on they way back to the room, he was telling me how bad he wanted me to fuck him, so he got what he asked for. I busted two nuts with this nigga. The ass was good, trust me. As you can tell from the sounds he was making, he was loving the dick.

Carlito Rockafella + Jersey Kidd - Added July 23, 2015

Rock welcomes back one the original Rockafellaz, Carlito Rockafella. In case you all did not know Carlito was the first gangsta that started with me when I began Rockafellaz Entertainment back in Atlanta. Not to mention he did his very first porn video with me in my first movie ďA Piece of The RockĒ, which can be purchased from FreakDawg. Anyway I get Carlito hooked up with Jersey Kidd in NYC. After we sat and talked for a while we got started. Carlito was so excited because it has been a long time since we have worked together, that his ass was trippin out. I had him pull that dick out so Jersey Kidd could get a look-see and start suckin on that shit. I tell you once these two got started I knew that this was going to be hot as fuck. Iím telling you I was tempted to jump in this one. Two hot ass niggas getttin down Gangsta style. Carlito was definitely enjoying the head game, and then it was time for Jersey to get that ass smashed. Check this shit out, and you know how we do it.