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DeAngelo Jackson + Jimmy Fame - Added September 14, 2017

DeAngelo was headed back to his room after having a business meeting, when he was stopped by Jimmy Fame who recognized DeAngelo from his movies. Jimmy asked if he could tag along, and of course DeAngelo said yes. Seeing how big of a fan he was Jimmy couldn't wait to get that dick wet. He made sure to suck that dick just like he'd seen others do in the movies. Turns out Jimmy did his homework because he was prepared for whatever Deangelo threw his way. DeAngelo fucks him in various positions giving Jimmy that dick. While Jimmy was riding DeAngelo couldn't hold it anymore he pulls out bust all over his chest and throws that dick back in Jimmy. Scene wraps with DeAngelo making Jimmy shoot streams of nut all over the place. Today was Jimmy's lucky day running into one of his favorite porn stars a day he will never forget!

Arvion Kylers + DeAngelo Jackson - Added September 7, 2017

DeAngelo is out for his daily morning walk, when he sees this sexy young guy named Arvion. DeAngelo had seen Arvion on this same walk a couple week prior and he swore to himself that the next time he saw him he'd approach him. Today was that day. After a brief introduction DeAngelo invited Arvion back to his place. Immediately they began kissing which leads to Arvion sucking DeAngelo. After a bit, Deangelo returns the favor and slides his tongue deep into Arvion getting his hole prepped for his dick. The action starts with Arvion riding DeAngelo. DeAngelo then hits him in several different positions giving Arvion exactly what he wanted. The scene concludes with Arvion riding and blowing his load all over DeAngelo's chest. DeAngelo was so turned on by this twink that he shoots his load several times, all over Arvion's face, lips, tongue and even on top of his head. These two definitely enjoyed each other & were both happy they crossed each others path during their morning walk.

Avery Alexander + Noah Pain - Added August 31, 2017

AJ King + Jaydoe Funsize After the Park - Added August 24, 2017

AJ and Jaydoe met off an social app and met up at the park to play catch. While playing Jaydoe saw AJ's print and began to become aroused by it. He then decided to be bold and invite AJ back to his room. Once there Jaydoe began to deep throat AJ until he was rock hard. Once he was AJ fucks Jaydoe in multiple positions until Jaydoe began to cream on that dick. Soon after they both cum and the scene ends.

Euro + Kemon Jordan - Added August 17, 2017

Euro was in town for a business conference and wanted to have a lil fun. So he went online and found him a guy to play with. Kemon showed and ready and willing to have fun. They started by playing catch out at the park for awhile to get their blood pumping. Euro decided he was ready to take it in and get it going. Kemon was ready to suck that dick once they got in. Euro then eats his ass and begins to fuck him in several different ways until they both bust huge loads. Euro and Kemon definitely enjoyed each other.

Giovanni Cruz + Leon Holt + Vic Valentino - Added August 10, 2017

Giovanni Leon and Vic had spent the day out downtown shopping. After a long day they decided to head back home and turn up a lil. Leon wanted to be the center of attention, so thats exactly what they made him. Leon sucks both Gio and Vic's long dicks. While Leon was sucking Vic, Gio eats that ass and makes Leon feel good. They end up fucking in multiple ways until they all reach that point and bust. They all enjoyed their first three-way and even talk about doing it again.