Raw Rods - Black Bareback Fucking

Fantazy Rockafella + Rock - Added October 1, 2015

Rock and Fantazy sits up and talk about all the shit that had been going on over the weekend and what he has planned. Seems that Fantazy canít find anyone that he wants to get up with since he has been in town for Miami pride, but he makes it clear that he wants to get up with Rock, its just something that has to be done. So they make it happen. Fantazy sucks Rock dick to get it nice and hard for the pounding. Then Rock eats and sucks the juices from Fantazys ass. Rock fucks Fantazy and you can tell from the moans that he is enjoying that big Black Country gangsta dick. Both Rock and Fantazy bust a hot as nut. Rock gives FantazyÖwell fuck Imma just let you watch it for yourself.

Chy Kyd + Protege - Added September 24, 2015

Chy Kyd is playing some online gaming with Protege on his PS4. Protege doesn't seem to be too good at it because Chy Kyd was whooping that ass. So Chy Kyd invites Protege to come over and hang out with him and they can play at his place instead of online. Protege comes over, but Chy Kyd had something else in mind. Next thing you know, Chy Kyd is pulling his dick out to offer Protege a taste. Protege goes down and shows off his head game. Chy Kyd is enjoying it so well, he waists no time in getting out of their clothes. Let check this hot clip out to see what happens next.

Kidd + Noah Shyboy Jackson - Added September 17, 2015

Kidd is chillin in a hotel room that he got for the night. He decides to give Noah Shyboy a call and see if he is going to still come by and chill with them. After talking to Noah, he sees that it might not happen because Noah has somethings that he needs to finish. After Kidd gets off his call and a little frustrated he decides to relax and take a hot bath. While he is in the tub relaxing, he gets a visit which comes to a surprise because he did not that Noah was going to show up. Kidd invites Noah to the bath with him. The hot water gets the chemicals going. Passion heating up between them goes off the scale as they start kissing. Noah and Kidd are about to get in on right here and right now. Lets see what pops off with these two.

Kidd + Rayshaun Ryder - Added September 10, 2015

The Icon Kidd has Returned and this time he has decided to come on board with Rockafellaz. Been a minute since he has been on the porn scene. While sitting down and talking with Rock Rockafella for a little brief interview Kidd talks a little about what his plans are. Rock offered to help him get his come back off to a kick start with a newbie, Rayshaun Ryder. Check out this hot scene between Kidd and Rayshaun.

Dai Dai Brooklyn + Envy Rockafella + Rock - Added September 3, 2015

Mr. Rockafella himself heads back to the NYC and finds himself a couple of new additions to the Rockafellaz. He runs into these sexy ass kats Dai Dai Brooklyn and Envy. Well after a little interview, he puts their skills to the test. Brooklyn seems to possess more than one skill and shows that he has what it take to roll with the Gangsta of Porn. Rock could not help but notice how good Brooklynís head game was and wanted a sample himself. Brooklyn laying that pipe and Envy loves it. Rock decides to join in full force and get that country dick sucked on while Brooklyn fucks Envy. What happens next, you will just have to watch and see for your self.

JD Blackstone + Leo Rockafella - Added August 27, 2015

Leo is chillin at home in bed and JD comes in from a long hard day at work. Trust me it was a long hard day. JD tries not to wake up Leo and goes and take a long hot shower. When he finishes his shower and tries to lay in the bed with out waking up Leo, itís too late. Leo wakes up and wanted to know how JDs day was. JD lets him know just how his day went. After hearing that Leo isnít feeling that too much. But heís a Rockafella and knows exactly how to deal with it though. Leo lets JD know right up front whatís going to happen and there will be no objections.