Raw Rods - Black Bareback Fucking

AJ King + Euro - Added July 20, 2017

After a brief game of catch, the guys decide to take each other on in a game of sex. Sweaty and hot both AJ and Euro was ready for the next game.

Euro + Deon Red - Dallas Dirty Sex - Added July 13, 2017

Euro and Deon had met earlier at a Pride Event. After spending most of the day together walking to the different venues Deon decided that he was tired of waiting for some of Euro's dick. They then head back to the room to get that much needed 1-1 time together. Once in the room Euro waste no time by putting Deon on his knees and making him suck that dick. Soon after Deon bends over and euro eats him up good. They then fuck in various positions until they both nut from each others pleasures

AJ King + Kemon Jordan - Uber to the Motel - Added July 6, 2017

Keymon and AJ meet up via Uber. AJ gets in the Uber and keymon joins later. They start foreplay in the uner until they arrive to the hotel where AJ fuck keymon. After they fuck AJ gives the room to funsize.

Jaydoe Funsize + Syncere Whyte - Motel Sex - Added June 29, 2017

Jaydoe received the room from his homeboy AJ King, because he knew this was his only time to hook-up with Syncere. Jaydoe waste no time sucking that pipe on Syncere. Syncere returns the favor by sliding his tongue deep into Jaydoe. They then 69 for a while until Jaydoe shows Syncere exactly what he wants to be done to him. Syncere learns quickly and immediately goes to work on Jaydoe. Fucking him in multiple positions until he gets his nut. The scene ends with Jaydoe jacking until he bust. Jaydoe got what he wanted and is glad that he borrowed the room from AJ.

Giovanni Cruz + Vic Valentino - Pussy Bottom - Added June 22, 2017

This scene starts off with Vic having a drink while waiting for his special surprise that he was promised from Giovanni. Gio comes out and reveals his surprise which was his new lingerie jock strap and matching knee high socks. Gio begins sucking Vic's dick until it's rock hard. Next Vic turns Giovanni around and gets that hole super wet with his tongue. Once he's wet enough Gio climbs on top and begins to ride that stiff pole. Vic then put Gio on his back and begins to ram that pipe into Gio giving him such pleasure. Vic continues this pleasure trip by laying Gio flat on his stomach and giving him that good dick until he bust his load on Giovanni's ass and put that dick back inside. The scene ends with Giovanni stroking his dick until he bust a huge load on his stomach. They are both so worn out that they fall fast asleep without even cleaning up. That's what happens when the sex is good!

Giovanni Cruz + Timarrie Baker - Shoot 2 - Added June 19, 2017

On their last update it was Giovanni's birthday and Timarrie was the hired stripper. This time these two just hooked up because it was so good the first time. So when Timarrie called Gio came. Timarrie sucks that dick as if he missed it in the beginning until Gio feels the need to fuck his face. Once that pipe is hard. Gio fucks Timarrie in every position until he bust his load on that hole and continues to fuck Timarrie. From the looks of it Timarrie enjoyed every minute of it!