Raw Rods - Black Bareback Fucking

Arman Woodson + Delone Dickson - Added April 11, 2014

Arman Woodson and Delone Dickson are stuck in detention on their first day of school. Arman is asking Delone what the rules are at the school and Delone finds out that you're allowed to touch other students and do whatever you want. Arman likes the sound of that so he pulls out Delone's dick and starts sucking on it. Delone gets worked up and returns the favor, sucking on Arman's big 10 inch dick until it's hard too. He turns Arman around and rims his ass until it's real wet, then shoves his dick in bare and starts fucking that hole. Arman bounces on that shit until they're both ready to bust. Delone shoots a massive nut that covers Arman's face and Arman busts all over himself.

Keior Sanders + TaetheDoug - Added April 4, 2014

Keior Sanders and TaetheDoug are shooting the shit in detention. Keior has noticed TaetheDoug around school and Keior decides to show him what kind of school he is at now. He pulls out Tae's dick and starts to get it real wet. Keior has such a nice ass Tae wants to get a taste so he bends that over and licks and kisses it all over. Tae puts Keior on the table and opens his ass up with his thick dick. Keior can barely keep quiet while he's getting pounding and Tae makes sure he doesn't run. Tae pulls out and busts his nut covering Keior's face and tongue while he swallows some down.

Drummer Boi & Marco Ashton - Added March 28, 2014

Drummer Boi and Marco Ashton are stuck in detention after getting in trouble for sucking too much dick. When their supervisor Rock leaves the room, Drummer Boi hits up Marco asking him to see if he could check out his skills. Drummer Boi drops trou and Marco starts to deepthroat his dick like an experienced pro. Drummer Boi bends Marco over and eats his ass out then puts him on the desk and shoves his big dick up his ass. Drummer pounds that ass and unloads a huge load all over Marco's worked out hole. Marco busts his nut on Drummer Boi's tongue just in time to clean up before Rock gets back.

Rock Rockafella + TaetheDoug - Added March 21, 2014

Rock has been retired from the porn industry for almost 2 years. TaetheDoug, a new cummer is wanting to do a shoot with Rock and decides that he wants to get a sample. You gotta be careful what you ask for tho, because Rock is packin some serious dick and he doesn't hold back when he's fuckin. Tae learns the hard way and after getting his ass eaten out, Rock starts to drill him deep and rough. Rock ends up bustin his nut all over Tae's hot ass and Tae shoots his all over Rock's huge piece.

Arman Woodson + Daniel Thompson 2 - Added March 14, 2014

Arman Woodson and Daniel Thompson take a lesson in Bedroom Encounters 101. There were no desks in the classroom just one big ass bed, so it was clear what they were supposed to do. They strip down and start sucking on each other dicks. Arman gets Daniel's tongue shoved up his tight little ass, and once that is wet there's no going back. Daniel starts to lay some serious dick with all 9 thick inches. He gets on top of Arman and pounds the hell out of him. Daniel busts his nut all over Arman's beautiful ass and Arman busts his in Daniel's mouth. There's no way these two get anything less than an A+.

Unique One + Nyja Davinci - Added March 7, 2014

UniQue One hits up Nyja Davinci to see if he wants to come kick it after work. Nyja is game, so he heads over there to see what's good. He finds UniQue looking at a porn magazine and he strips down to get things going. UniQue starts deepthroating Nyja's big fat dick while he sits on Nyja's face to get his ass eaten. It's not long until Nyja is giving UniQue a real deep pounding making him scream and moan. Nyja busts his nut in UniQue's mouth as he laps that load up and UniQue busts his load and gives Nyja a taste.