Raw Rods - Black Bareback Fucking

Aaron Anson + Zayya Carey - Added October 30, 2014

Aaron lays in bed texting his boo Zayya. For some reason Zayya hasn't been texting Aaron back. So when Zayya finally walks in, Aaron wants a good ass reason as to why his text messages were not being responded to. Zayya finally responds to Aarons message and it looks like Aaron was happy with the response. They start kissing each other, then its clothes off and straight to business. Aaron buries is face and tongue in Zayya ass and then turns him over for some good head. After a little sixty-nine action, Aaron gets his dick inside Zayya and fucks him nice and slow, but he wants some dick too. Zayya switches it up and throws that dick back to Aaron and he is loving it. Aaron ass who's ass is it and Zayya didn't waist any time responding. Zayya jacks his dick and shoots a big load on his chest and Aaron jacks his dick as well bustin a fat load while Zayya gives it a taste.

Freakzilla Diego + Hotrod - Added October 23, 2014

Freakzilla and Hotrod meet up with me in Washington DC at a promo that we were having for a DVD release. We got back to our room and everyone was so buzzed up. Freakzilla was sitting there wit a hard as dick, it was clear cause it was bulging through his pants. I started to think, what the fuck, Hotrod and Freakzilla I think would be a hot match up and hell I wanted to see what would happen. Well all I can say is when Hotrod started sucking Freakzillas dick, it was clear that he was more interested in getting a hold of it than I was filming it....not that I don't like filming it...I'm just saying, I can tell he wanted the dick. Both their cumshots was something to look forward to as well. I know because, well look for yourself.

Bradley Benz + Daniel Thompson - Added October 17, 2014

Daniel Thompson is doing some moving for a friend and was supposed to have some help. Bradley Benz finally shows up to help but Daniel is pissed he was so late. Bradley offers to make it up to Daniel and starts sucking Daniel's piece. Daniel eats out Bradley's ass then gives him a good deep fucking. Bradley gives that ass up and loves Daniel's massive dick. Bradley jacks off and busts a nut in Daniel's mouth and Daniel jacks off and busts a nut on Bradley's chest. Daniel decides to forgive Bradley after getting a good nut thanks to his nice ass.

Drummer Boi & Travis Davis - Added October 10, 2014

Travis Davis and Drummer Boi are stuck in detention again because he was late the last time he was supposed to attend. Drummer Boi comes in and starts to annoy Travis about being in detention. After a while Drummer Boi decides to give Travis something else to focus on. He pulls his big dick out and Travis starts to suck on it. Drummer Boi eats Travis' tight ass out then bends him over and dicks him down. Drummer Boi nuts deep into Travis' ass and Travis pushes it out. Drummer isn't done tho and busts another nut soon after! Travis unloads in Drummer Boi's mouth and all over his face.

Assassin + Staxx - Added October 3, 2014

Staxx and Assassin are talking about the club that they were checking out the night before. Assassin is an exotic dancer and Staxx is really wanting to feel those skills first hand. He asks Staxx if he is game for a one on one demonstration of his skills and Assassin is more than game. Assassin starts sucking on Staxx's big dick then bends over and gets his ass eaten out. That gets Staxx in the mood to fuck so when that ass is nice and wet he slips his dick in to get it. He has Assassin ride his dick, bends him over on all fours, taps it from behind and hits all the angles. He busts his nut all over Assassins' face while Assassin unloads on his stomach.

Leon Holt + Rogelio Hernandez - Added September 26, 2014

Daniel, Leon and Rogelio are chillin in class. This is Rogelio's last day and he sees that Leon is having trouble understanding what's required of him at this school. Daniel starts to explain but Rogelio takes over and shows Leon what really goes down at the Cocodorm University. Daniel leaves and Leon starts by sucking Rogelio's big dick. Rogelio works on Leon's tight ass with his tongue then slips his dick in and starts to fuck it. He pins Leon down on the floor and goes to town. Rogelio busts a huge nut in Leon's mouth and he licks Rogelio's dick clean. Leon busts all over the floor and they call it a day.