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Arvion Kylers + Trinidad Papi - Added May 25, 2017

Giovanni Cruz + Romance - Added May 18, 2017

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Haxxxel Lino + Romeo St James - Added May 4, 2017

Haxxxel Lino was in the kitchen fixing dinner for his old high school friend Romeo St. James who he hadn’t seen in years. Romeo came in town to visit Haxxxel since they hadn't seen each other in a long time. Haxxxel always had a crush on Romeo and he figured he knew what to do to get his attention. Haxxxel stood in the kitchen wearing nothing but his new jockstrap and socks. Romeo, sagging his pants down below his big cakes, comes into the kitchen and catches sight of Haxxxel's bubble ass. Romeo couldn't help but to start rubbing and smacking Haxxxel's ass as he watched it jiggle. Romeo lays back on the counter and drops his pants. Haxxxel sucks Romeos dick until Romeo stands up, turns him around, and slide his thick dick into Haxxxel's ass. Romeo fucks Haxxxel in may different positions all over the kitchen as he watches Haxxxel's bubble ass bounce to his stroke game. Romeo pulls his dick out and jerks it, shooting his thug milk all over Haxxxel's face and shoulder.

Giovanni Cruz + Timarrie Baker - Added April 27, 2017

It was Giovanni birthday. His friends threw stripper party. After the party he remembered one of the strippers slipped him his number for a private dance. Giovanni pulled the number out and gave Timarrie (the stripper) a call. Timarrie was eager to oblige. Timarrie came and danced for Giovanni in nothing but a bow tie and jock strap. After the dance Timarrie climbed on top of Giovanni and began to give him head. Giovanni was ready to eat Timarries ass. He slid his tongue in and out of Timarrie's ass. After eating his ass he face fucked Timarrie's mouth before he deep dick Timarrie. Giovanni fucked Timarrie in every position he knew of before pulling his dick out a nutting on Timarrie's ass and then stucking his dick back in one last time leaving the remnant of his nut inside of Timarrie.

Jacinto Marcel + Leon Holt - Added April 20, 2017

Jacinto lies in his bed with a throbbing hard dick. His girlfriend just left to go to work and wouldn't ‘put out’ before she left. He knew what the next best thing was. He picks up the phone and calls Leon. Leon was Jancinto’s girlfriend’s baby brother. Jancinto received head from him a few times, only when his girlfriend wouldn’t ‘put out’. Leon was eager to take care of Jancinto's needs. When Leon got there, he was hungry for Jancinto's dick. He pushes Leon down onto the bed, pulls his boxer briefs down to his thigh, takes his dick into his mouth and begins sucking on the dick. After sucking Jacinto's dick for a while, Leon gets up onto the bed and bends over. Jancinto takes one look at Leon's hole and dives in fast first licking and spitting on the hole and giving it a few smacks. After making a meal out of Leon's ass, Jacinto pulls Leon up from his dick and turns him around, grabs his dick and quickly slides it into Leon's ass. Jacinto then turns Leon onto his back and continues to pump his hard-throbbing dick into his girlfriend's baby brother’s ass. Jacinto jackhammers Leon's ass until Leon blows his load onto his own stomach. Jacinto then stand over top of Leon's head and strokes his dick until he shoots all his thug milk into Leon's hungry mouth.