Raw Rods - Black Bareback Fucking

Kemancheo + Mr. Phat Lipps 3 - Added September 22, 2016

Mr Phat Lipps hits up Dr Kemancheo because he heard about an underground procedure that would make his ass bigger. Kemancheo starts to explain how it works but once Phat drops trou for an examination Kemancheo can't take his eyes off of his ass. He bends down to get a taste and puts his tongue so far up Phat's hole that he can't help but moan and squirm. They take turn sucking each others huge dicks and Kemancheo gets so turned on he gets freaky with some foot action too, licking Phat's toes and jerking his dick off with his feet. Kemancheo gives Phat a real good bareback ride and Phat just leans back into that shit like a pro. Phat unleashes a giant load all over his tight 6-pack and Kemancheo leans down and licks it ALL up! They snowball for a little while and Kemancheo empties his nuts too, covering Phat's dick with cum.

Brandon Smith + Golden Chyld - Added September 15, 2016

Brandon makes a call to a friend of his inquiring about someone that does massages. He said that he has a had a very long week and really needed to relieve some stress. his homeboy hooked up with Golden Chyld. After Brandon got in from work and took a nice hot shower, he gave Golden Chyld a call and set up an appointment. After Golden Chyld finished with an awesome massage, Brandon asked if there was more. Golden told him he was only there for one thing and anything else would be extra. As horny Brandon he was really wanting something more than a massage to happen since Golden was looking like the type to be more than willing to take his big ass dick. Golden grabbed Brandons dick and started slurping it right on up. That dick just kept getting longer and longer. Amazed at the size, Golden took a look and admired it and then went back to work. Brandon was getting his moneys worth one way or another.

Manny Baby + Remy Mars - Added September 8, 2016

Rockafellaz catches up with the one and only Remy Mars. Iím tellin you all, I was determined to work with Remy again and after a few emails and phone calls we agreed to meet up in Philly. It has been a long time since me and Remy have seen each other and it was definitely a pleasure working with him once mo. I remember asking Manny Baby, who we know is not a new face to Rockafellaz Entertainment, if he was interested in doing a scene with Remy Mars. He looked at me and was like ď Rock are you serious, hell yea I would do that!Ē So I hooked it up. Only with Rockafellaz will you see matches that have not been doneÖthe way we do it. RAW and UNCUT. This is a hot ass versatile shoot. Watch how Remy and Manny fuck each other down, slobbin on each other knobs. Iím telling you, I know how Remy do it and he do it good. Check this shit out.

Chy Kyd & Phoenix Rizing - Added September 1, 2016

Chy Kyd and Phoenix Rizing meet up with Rock Rockafella in St. Louis for their first shoot together. Chy Kyd has already done some work with Rockafellaz, but so had Phoenix. Both had asked about doing some work together, so I figured why not. The connection was there and I knew the scene would be hot, especially since it was their first time working with each other. Chy Kyd waisted no time in going down on Phoenix dick. There is even some 69 action in this one. I have to say though, Phoenix face Chy Kyd a run for his money. Shaking and teeth chattering. Yea that dick was good.

Daniel Thompson + Trey Donovan 2 - Added August 25, 2016

Trey is finally able to get some rest and Daniel walks in after a nice hot shower and decides to get Treys attention. Daniel starts sucking on Treys dick to see if he can wake up something else besides Trey. Daniels skills at giving head seems to be doing the job though and Trey wakes up wondering why Daniel is sucking his dick while he is trying to rest. He doesn't push him away though. He gets him ready for what he has been waiting for and Daniel is about to get a rude awakening.

Golden Chyld + Sean Young - Added August 18, 2016

Sean Young is knocked out sleeping after a long day and Golden Chyld sits up and stares him down craving to see whats going on in them shorts. He gets up and goes to Seans bed and starts rubbing on his dick through his shorts then pulls Seans dick out and starts sucking on it. Sean wakes up and doesn't seem to object to the invasion of his privacy or having his sleep disturbed. Golden goes to work slurping that dick up of the sexy caramel dude. Sean comes around after showing his excitement and eats a little booty before he gets his dick settled in Golden Chyld ass. This is going to be good.